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Planning in Advance to Avoid The Six BusinessKillers Mistakes…

#1 – “I Know What My Business is Worth”

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#2 – “I’m Too Busy Running the Business”

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#3 – “That’ll Never Happen to Me”

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#4 – “There’s Plenty of Time for That”

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#5 – “My Business is My Retirement”

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#6 – “You Can’t Beat Uncle Sam”

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Many Small Business Owners struggle with planning for the future because they have so many unknowns. They don’t know how much their business is worth, when they should sell, whether they will find the right buyer, get the right price, or even how much insurance they should carry.

Without proper planning, the sudden death of a small business owner may have a devastating impact on the business, the business’ employees, and the other owners of the business. It may also have a significant financial impact on his or her family. A properly structured business continuation plan (i.e. a buy-sell agreement) funded with Life Insurance may help to minimize the impact caused by the loss of a business owner for both the business and the business owner’s family.

If you are like most business owners, you probably don’t know what your business is worth. Knowing your business’s value is one of the most important things that business owners overlook. We give business owners facts so they can make sound business and personal financial decisions. That is why we have invested in innovative technology that allows us to deliver accurate and efficient business valuations, free to clients.

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