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Why is Asset Protection Important?

Long Term Care

Defend Your Retirement

Putting a Plan in Place now, as you would for any other future financial need and higher medical costs can help prevent potential long-term care expenses from impacting your family and finances later on. Long-Term Care Insurance can help protect your retirement savings if you need care.

What are the Odds that we will need Long Term Care?

Around 70% of all Americans age 65 and older will need long-term care at some point in their lives.*

Know your Options

Health Insurance and Social Security

Do Not cover Long-term care expenses.


May cover a portion of long-term care costs, but only up to 100 days.


Covers long-term care expenses for individuals with assets of $2,000 or less (varies by state); care may be limited to a nursing home.

Adult Children

Many people assume their adult children will care for them later in life, but this presents a huge financial, physical, and emotional burden that some people aren’t willing or able to take on.

Out of Pocket – Self Insure

Using income and savings or selling assets may be an option: however, considering the median annual cost for a private room in a nursing home is $87,600*, it may not be a very efficient option.

Long Term Care Coverage

Long Term care coverage is simply a way to protect yourself and your assets from the potentially devastating impact of a long-term care expense.

*U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Jan 2017
*Cost of Care Survey, Genworth Financial, March 2014.

4 out of 5 People cannot accurately estimate how much they expect to pay for health care in retirement.

Personalized Health Care Cost Assessment

Living Benefits for You…Life Insurance with a Long-Term Care Rider

Life Insurance today can be written today to provide a benefit whether you live or die.

1. Provide a Living Benefit to pay for your care.

  • Allow you to maintain control of your assets and choice of care.

2. Leave a Life Insurance Benefit

  • For your Family
  • Or a Legacy for your heirs

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