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Defending Your Retirement

Defending Your Retirement – Long Term Care Insurance Alternatives

You have worked hard and enjoying a well-earned retirement, but…

Most Americans are not prepared for future health care costs. These future expenses may or may not include the need for long-term care. The reality though is many of us will need assistance and care during our retirement.

Since the late 1980s traditional long-term care insurance was thought to be the answer, but that is not in the case today. Many of the policies sold in the past have incurred significant rate increases, at a time in life a lot of retirees can least afford them. Also, the insurance coverage originally purchased often has been modified or reduced to offset the rate increases.

To further compound the issue many insurance companies writing long-term care insurance have left the marketplace and no longer issue long-term care insurance policies. Last, but not least people are reluctant to purchase something they don’t believe they are going to use.

So, what is a reasonable way to plan and protect your assets and retirement income???

In recent years, life insurance policies have been designed to address the need for long term care. There are a variety of policies available today that provide guaranteed future benefits if you need long term care…or a life insurance benefit to your loved ones if you don’t ever need care.

No future rate increases and a benefit will be paid, if you live, die or want your money back*.

*Money Back Guarantee / Return of Premium varies by Company*

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